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Macworld’s own cover: shot with an iPhone 4

image taken from the Macworld article linked to below

This is just a quick nod to the folks at Macworld for creating such a cool iPhone 4 spread entirely on the iPhone 4. Photographer Peter Belanger usually shoots for Macworld with a more “serious” camera, but opted to try creating this latest issue with the iPhone 4 as judge, jury, and executioner (well, the photographic equivalents of those roles, I guess).

Peter ended up treating the iPhone 4 like a first-class camera for the shoot, mounting it on a steady mechanical arm (don’t look at me like that — I don’t know the names for these things), and illuminating the shot up with professional lighting. He then used iPhone apps (Photoforge and Resize-Photo) to retouch the photo until it was perfect. You can see the end result at Macworld.com or on your local newsstands.

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