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Review: Gravity Runner for iPhone

Gravity Runner for iPhone

Gravity Runner for the iPhone is now available in the App Store for $0.99.  The app can best be described as a retro game of sorts that takes only a few minutes to learn, but provides those trying to master it hours of entertainment.  The developers of the game, We Are Colin, describe it as a nauseatingly addictive game that will always leave you wanting just one more go.  In Gravity Runner the main character, Colin, automatically runs through levels trying to avoid obstacles along the way.

Gravity Runner for iPhone_3

One aspect I liked about the game was how the developer presented the user with a glimpse of exactly what the upcoming level looks like before resuming gameplay.

The game starts off on level one, and gradually increases in difficulty all the way to level 25.  You can find hidden keys along the way that will unlock other levels, too.  In addition to the standard gameplay, there ‘s also an endless play option where you see how far you can advance in the game without impaling little Colin on a set of spikes or over throwing him off an unforgiving ledge.

Gravity Runner for iPhone_14

After you have successfully completed a level without dying more than 10 times, you earn a Bronze trophy.  Get to the finish line without dying more than 4 times, and you get to take home a gold trophy!

The controls are very, very basic ”this is where the ‘only takes a few minutes to learn ‘ aspect of Gravity Runner allows users to greatly reduce the learning curve.

Gravity Runner for iPhone_4

Since the screen moves along at a leveled pace, the only responsibility you have while playing is to tap the screen to make Colin jump.  Obviously, you have to time the jumps to avoid spikes along the way and navigate up and down stairs as well as utilize the many springboards that are strategically placed throughout the game.

Gravity Runner for iPhone_6

You may ask yourself, why do they call this app Gravity Runner.  For me, this is where the real challenge of the game begins.  During the first couple of levels the only control you had was to make Colin jump by tapping anywhere on the screen.  However, after you have mastered that move, you have one additional innovative variation ”a gravity defying move at that!  Simply tap the screen again while Colin is airborne, and he will flip his orientation and run upside down on the top of the screen.

Gravity Runner for iPhone_16

Gravity Runner for iPhone_17

Tap the screen again, and he will jump.  Tap again while in the air, and Colin is back to running along the screen, right-side-up again ”it ‘s as simple as that.  Sound easy enough?  You can spend hours, I know I did, trying to work on combining jumping with reversing gravity to glide in and out of dangerous situations.

While I do admit it was a fun and easy game to pick up, I was not completely sold on the retro theme, and soundtrack.  For me the novelty of a retro game was a little distracting after the initial newness wore off.  However, not every game out there is going to take advantage of the new retina display of the iPhone 4, or the powerful processor currently under the hood. I think the developers sought to create a fun and easy to learn game that was affordable and appropriate for all ages.  If this was indeed their goal, that is exactly what they did.  I can say it is well worth the $0.99 price tag ”go check it out today in the iTunes Store.

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