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iPhone Spy Stick–Scary Data Recovery Tool

iPhone Spy Stick for iPhone data recovery

The iPhone Spy Stick looks innocent enough, if you can get past the word ‘spy ‘ right there in its name. It ‘s a USB stick that plugs into an iPhone and is able to recover a scary amount of data, including tons of deleted data “ including text messages, calendar appointments, pictures, videos, call history, Maps app search history, and on and on.

Now the term ‘data recovery ‘ is generally associated with rescue missions to get back data that a user wants to retrieve, a very positive use for devices such as this one “ but of course ‘recovering ‘ data can also be done with very bad intentions.  Again, the word spy right within the product name is a pretty good indicator of its ‘versatility ‘ in this respect.

Here ‘s one of the scary screenshots from the device ‘s product page:


Down the left hand side of that window, there are entries for Contacts, Messages, Call History, Graphics, Multimedia, Internet Data, Recovered Data, and more.

Here ‘s more details on the device from its product page at Brickhouse Security:

Product Overview:

Recover deleted iPhone data such as text messages, calendar appointments, contacts, and pictures
Find out where they went: download the phone ‘s map history to discover searched locations and places navigated, including exact GPS coordinates
View web history, contacts, and download voice memos
Save iPhone data on any computer or portable storage drive for anytime viewing
Looks like an ordinary USB flash drive – no one will suspect that it ‘s a professional grade forensics tool
iPhone Spy Stick only works with iPhones running iOS 3.2.1 and earlier.
To determine which iOS version your iPhone is using choose, Settings > General > About > Version.
Spy Stick for iPhone 4 Coming in October
Quickly and Easily Download Even Deleted Information from an iPhone
The iPhone Spy Data Recovery Stick is the ultimate recovery tool for anyone who wants to capture deleted information from any iPhone (running iOS to 3.x). The iPhone Spy Data Recovery Stick makes it easy to recover deleted text messages, contacts, call and web history, as well as photos, voice memos and calendar appointments — giving you a unique look into exactly what the user has been searching for, who they ‘ve been talking to, and even the types of pictures they ‘ve taken. With features like saved map search history, web searches, and text messages, the iPhone Data Recovery Stick is the only tool you need to catch a cheating spouse, monitor your kids, or backup your own iPhone data.


Get access to deleted information
Download text messages and view calls made
Recover deleted contacts and calendar items
View pictures and other multimedia
Get access to map history to see locations searched on the iPhone ‘s map with exact GPS coordinates
Get access to notes, voice memos, multimedia files, and dynamic text data
Downloading data is as simple as attaching the iPhone and iPhone Data Recovery Stick to a computer and pressing start
iPhone information is saved on any computer and can be moved to other drives as a regular file
Looks like an ordinary USB flash drive

And here is its interesting ‘Popular Uses ‘ section:

Popular Uses:

Catch a cheating spouse
Monitor your kids iPhone text messaging and Internet use
Check on employees using company issues iPhones
Restore deleted files

Those certainly sound like a good reason to highlight the spying aspect of the device.  It ‘s a shame the iPhone hasn ‘t got better security to prevent at least some if the spying potential for these sort of tools.  Sadly, the last thing I can recall reading on the iPhone ‘s data security painted a very bleak picture.

The iPhone Spy Stick goes for $199 “ which I assume is quite a steal if the data you ‘re looking to ‘recover ‘ is worth it.  It currently handles iPhones running an OS version up to iOS 3.2.1 and earlier “ but support for iOS 4 is promised in October.

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  • This is very cool (and very expensive.) Do you know of some good iPhone/iPod low-level imaging software? I'd like to make a disk image of my iPod…

    • Chey

      Hi james, did you ever get around this? I am looking to do the same to recover few files I deleted assuming its as easy to recover.

  • How does it connect to the phone if it is USB?

    • patrickj

      Take a look at their site – it has a cable with USB connector at one end and dock connector at the other.

  • Faz

    Can you recover files that are lost due to a factory restore??

  • ira

    I need iPhone Spy Stick tat support for iOS ..Is it out? how can i get it?

  • Bino

    Is there a trila version for evaluation before spending the big bucks

  • Ice

    Can you recover deleted e-mails in your i phone?

  • tharris

    How far back can it go for text messages?