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Another Apple Special Event Coming September 1


Apple has announced another mysterious ‘special event ‘ “ a little earlier than web rumors had anticipated “ for next Wednesday, September 1.

As always, there ‘s tons of speculation about what the focus of the event will be and what new and updated products they ‘ll be talking about.  Given the image used on the invite, some major music-related news is in store. 

Gizmodo has a good short list of possible announcements:

New, Facetime-ready iPod Touches?

The long awaited cloud-enhanced iTunes?

A 1.7" touch screen iPod Shuffle?

The long-rumored $99 Apple TV?

99 cent TV show rentals through Apple TV?

The first item would be great news for Touch fans and for the growth of iOS in general. Second one sounds pretty sweet too. 

Anyone care to share guesses about what the biggest news will be at this event?  Or what you ‘d most like to see be big news next Wednesday?  Perhaps some proximity sensor fix news thrown in somewhere?

Via: Gizmodo, BGR, and everywhere else

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  • Exciting stuff! I'm putting my money on iTunes in the Cloud plus iPod Touches, possibly Nanos and Shuffles too. Although I'd love to see iLife 2011, and heck, maybe even some kind of Apple branded audio accessory – a speaker or radio dock maybe?

    I reckon putting a guitar on the invite would be an odd choice for anything iTV or video related though.