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Review: SongStumblr v1.0 For iPhone – GeoSocial Music Discovery


‘Be A Part of the Revolution ‘

Armed with the iPod on my iPhone, I am almost always enthralled by this device. I hardly listen to music any other way. Being a huge music fan, I am always open to music suggestions. Since I decided to break the chain and explore beyond the boundaries of music I knew growing up, I am constantly seeking ways and means of discovering new music.

What better way to do so than on a device I can hardly leave the house without when I am on the move.

A UK based Company Frimby Limited recently released such an app with a very cool and unique description: ‘A GeoSocial Music Discovery ‘

Ever been in a cafe, bar, public space or subway and seen someone walking around with their white ear buds and thought: I wonder what their listening to? Your problem is solved.
WITH SongStumblr, you can ***discover*** what nearby people are listening to and ***share*** out your own music to the people near you: social music on a personal level.

Geosocial music discovery allows users to discover what nearby people are listening to and to share their music to the people in their surrounding. This concept has finally come to the iPhone and iPod Touch, but with a different twist.

Many music sharing applications requires an internet connection to be able to stream and sample said music. This is one of the areas where SongStumblr stands out as it utilizes a different approach.

How does it connect?


SongStumblr also allows you to share and control your music right from within the application, hence granting you the option to repay the favour of discovering music by sharing it.

SongStumblr uses Bluetooth to connect with others in your vicinity, with a discovery range of up to 50 feet allowing you to discover what songs people are listening to without needing an internet connection. I personally think this is really handy for those situations where Wi-Fi connectivity or 3G network is lacking. The Bluetooth range can be extended by holding the device upwards, if that’s not solution enough, Frimby is currently looking into developing a hardware Bluetooth extender which will extend the range to 300 feet and improve stability.

Fear not when devices aren’t discovered on your vicinity, as this might simply be the result of no one present within the specified range of 30-50 foot radius, or it might just be a case of no one broadcasting music via the application at that point in time.

The Breakdown

SongStumblr consists of a very easy to navigate system:

Lobby “ A table view detailing what the devices within the specified range are listening to. By clicking on the device names, options are available to listen to the song for free or purchase it on iTunes. Further information about the song is available with the implementation of Google, Wikipedia, Bing etc.

Music “ Provides functions similar to the Native iPod with playback controls such as shuffle, repeat, album art etc.

My Song “ Allows you to add discovered songs to a personal database which you can keep forever, it also stores other crucial information such as location, who the song was discovered from, geocoding etc. Songs can be viewed on a map based on discovery location and the geocoded data.

You can run the application in the background so you can control your music from outside the app if you want. You can then re-open it every now and then to see who’s about and, in doing so, share your current song.

Last but not least, there is also a cool option to change the entire theme of the application from the wallpaper icon in the lobby section to match your mood.

IMG_0553 SongStumblr1

Pricing and Availability:
SongStumblr 1.0 is now Free (with no ads) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. It will continue to stay free, encouraging users to find music in a new, revolutionary way. Please visit the app’s Website for more information about SongStumblr, including a promo video, screenshots, and further description of its features.

I’ve been very impressed with what this app can do, although my usage was limited to colleagues having the app on my request for testing. It ‘ll be very interesting to see just how well it performs out there in the open world, but, then again, that solely depends on how many users are broadcasting. With the proper marketing and exposure, SongStumblr could surely draw in many users. I strongly believe that to be the key to this app, which is why am not surprised it is currently available for Free on iTunes.

This app was independently purchased by the post author in the iPhone App Store. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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