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SC2 Gameboard brings Starcraft 2 controls to iPhone — if it gets approved

There are no official images yet -- just mockups, so here is my own über clever image

I really hope this app isn’t released, because it will mean a merging of my two worst habits at the moment: the bloody iPhone and stupid Starcraft II. The RTS Gameboard for Starcraft II isn’t a port of the game, but actually a little remote control window, through which you can manipulate the mini map, control groups, and build queues (I do apologize if none of that makes any sense, but you should probably buy SC2 now).

It’s also, apparently, not a mod of any SC2 tools. It’s supposed to function like an external keyboard, so it should have a better chance of getting approved by both Blizzard and Apple…but we’ll just have to wait and see about that. The projected release date is some time this September, so it’s not long now until we see one of the two major R’s — release or rejection.

[via TUAW]

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