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So what did Apple talk about today? [Big ol’ roundup]

I had a different sort of Apple event experience today. When these events roll around, I’m usually at home munching on some food with my teeth and watching the event with my MacBook. This time around I was in Chinatown finishing up some errands and rushing back home in a cab to see the event. Then I remembered that Apple was streaming the whole thing live to Macs and iOS devices, and — to my surprise — it worked beautifully. I watched about 20 minutes of the keynote while on the street or in a cab, and the quality was quite amazing.

Then there were all of the goodies that Steve announced:

iOS goodness:

iPod goodness:

  • new iPod shuffle ($49), nano ($149),  and touch ($229) — see Alicia’s post here for more details

iTunes goodness:

  • a newer, sleeker iTunes 10 is set to come out later today (see this post from Brandon Walkin for finer changes – via @spiralstairs)
  • iTunes Ping, a social network for music that’s built right into iTunes on the destkop, and the iTunes app for iPhone/iPod — I’m not sure how keen  I am on joining yet another network, but we’ll see…

Apple TV:

  • Apple’s deserted hobby is back, and it’s smaller and cheaper than ever at $99
  • Everything is rental based: TV shows from FOX and ABC are $0.99, and first run HD movies are $4.99
  • look for a post on this soon

That’s about it for Apple’s big punches today, and kudos to Cupertino for offering such kickass live streaming!

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