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Apple Opens New Retail Store in Barcelona

We don’t usually cover news about new Apple store openings – but this newest one in Barcelona grabbed my attention today.   When I lived in the UK I traveled to Barcelona, Madrid, and to various Spanish cities for work quite frequently.

Barcelona has always struck me as one of the most design-conscious, artistic, wildly creative cities I’ve ever seen.   From its restaurants and bars to Gaudi architecture, it was just bursting with creativity.
So an Apple store seems a perfect fit.   The thing I love most about the store opening video is that Apple have been respectful to Catalan culture, and have all signs / posters in the store in the Catalan language, rather than just using Spanish.   Very nice move.   I agree with the journalist’s statement towards the end of the clip:
Apple in Barcelona will be truly a love story.

Via: RazorianFly

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