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iPhone Apps inspired these fingernails

Having seen this pic on the BENM.AT blog today we had to repost the link. This Apple fangirl has expressed her love by choosing to paint an app on each nail.

I agree that this is cute, but I can’t quite seem to identify all ten. Can you? Of course I recognize Facebook, Calendar, Maps, iPod, Calculator, Phone and Photos, but the other three?


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  • Jacob

    Left side of picture index finger is weather. I believe you're mistaking this for photos. And the right pinkey looks vaguley like YouTube…

  • Kayla

    Pretty sure that's weather, not photos. As for the others I see notes, YouTube, and no idea what that last is!

  • Vjknievil

    The photos one is weather, the little finger on the right is YouTube. Don't know the red the two in-between YouTube and facebook though.

    • I think you're right about You Tube and Weather but the red one – perhaps Last.fm?

  • Rob

    Second from right is Pogoplug

  • Ryan

    The one next to Facebook, notes maybe?