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Home Page in Safari for iPhone [Jailbreak]

Home Page in Safari ($0.99 on Cydia) does exactly what its name states: it allows you to set the current website as your Safari home page. My first reaction to this was to wonder why nobody had thought of it before, but I think I can see why Apple and other jailbreak tweakers may have stayed away from the idea.

I haven’t used the tweak myself (and I have no intention of trying it), but I’m assuming that the home page will be set to load automatically, and so I’d constantly be telling my device to stop loading in those cases where all I’d want is a new, blank tab. However, if the homepage doesn’t load automatically, then a homepages is really only one tap faster than opening the bookmarks bar and tapping on a bookmark, or just as fast as assigning a bookmark to the home screen.

Has anybody used this tweak and have any feedback to provide? Is there an angle I’m missing here?

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  • r0n1n

    Haha! ONLY 99c to set your home page… The jailbreak world loses credibility every time a crApp like this is released.