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ListPro for iPhone hits the App Store (for free)

ListPro is more than just a task manager or a grocery list — it’s an app for the infinite number of things you could possibly want to keep in a vertical list. I probably won’t end up using ListPro for my tasks since I’m still hooked on the Teux Deux iPhone app ($2.99 – review), but I could definitely see myself using Ilium Software’s new baby for keeping track of my media.

I haven’t had a chance to really give ListPro a go just yet, but trials should be very easy, since the iPhone app at no cost (thanks to iAds on the main screen). If you like to have desktop partners with your iOS apps there is also a $20 Windows client with wireless sync capabilities (but nothing for the Mac, unfortunately).

Update: Whoops – it turns out that there may be a Mac version in the works, based on this quote from Product Manager Marc Tassin:

We think ListPro for iPhone is going to do really well, and while we haven’t made a final decision, we’d love to release Mac version of the software in the future. We’re also exploring ways to expand sync and will continue to work in that area as well”

If you’re ridiculously list hungry and want even more info, you can check out the press release here.

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