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New Activator beta hits Cydia: new events, experimental iOS 4.1+ support

Ryan Petrich has released a new beta of Activator 1.4.3 on his private repo (http://rpetri.ch/repo) on Cydia. I’ve only had a few moments to check the changes out, but I’m loving the bit of extra power that Ryan has managed to add. There are now even more options for volume button presses (Press Both, Short Hold Down, Short Hold Up, Silent Switch flick, etc.) and a few more events to activate (Show Phone tabs, toggle SBSettings switches, show Now Playing Bar, and more).

As a side note, this update also taught me that it’s possible to press both volume buttons on the 3GS at once. Weird — I’d always thought the buttons were a rocker. I’m going to file this under “you learn something new everyday”, but you’re free to file it under “why did he even bother?”.

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