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Review: Week Calendar for iPhone

Week Cal for iPhone

Every once in a while an application comes along that enhances one of the native Apple iPhone apps in such a harmonious way, that you wonder how you were able to function without it.  For me, Week Calendar has dramatically increased my ability to use my iPhone calendar by providing one of the most sought after features neglected by Apple—the ability to view and interact with an entire week of your schedule at a time.

The developer, Wasabi Apps, describes Week Calendar as a gorgeous, intuitive way to view, change, and update your appointments.  I couldn’t agree more.  If you are a fan of iCal on your Mac, you will find Week Calendar to be a very similar mobile compliment with all the benefits the iPhone’s touch screen can provide for the user interface.

Even though the guys over at Wasabi Apps released the 1.0 version of Week Calendar less than two months ago, version 1.5 is available as of 9/17 in the App Sore.  These guys are very tuned into the feedback they receive, and I think it makes their final product that much better as a result.  I originally started reviewing version 1.4, and I had a couple of ideas that I thought might make the app even better—pinch to zoom, and the ability to double tap to view a single day in more detail comes to mind. Before I even had the opportunity to make any suggestions, they sent me a beta version of 1.5, and lo and behold, all my potential recommendations were already implemented.

Not only does Week Calendar allow you to view appointments in landscape mode, which most users will probably take advantage of most often, but you can also see all of your engagements in portrait mode as well.

Week Cal for iPhone

Appearance: While I’m on the topic of available viewing modes, the recently added pinch-to-zoom mode is a very handy way of personalizing the amount of hours that are displayed.  This feature can also be used to zoom out and get a snapshot of up to 15 hours displayed at once.  Additionally, you can also reduce your view all the way down to a 1 hour perspective of your week.

Week Cal for iPhone Week Cal for iPhone_17

Settings: A quick tap on the screen brings up a set of controls that provide the user with additional tools and settings.  These include a “Today” button that automatically brings the display to the current week of the year—a must for any calendar app, along with a subtle illustration of the day of the week, the current month, and the week designation.  You can also copy or delete an event, add an event, or navigate to the previous or following weeks.  Additionally, you can also tap on any event and modify all the available categories.

Week Cal for iPhone

Some additional settings include the ability to:

  • Hide any or all of your individual calendars
  • Set the starting and ending times that are displayed
  • Restrict your viewing to only daytime hours
  • Set the starting day of the week
  • Shake to undo for moved events
  • Adjust the number of hours shown
  • The option to hide the weekend days
  • Double tap any day to view only that day—double tap again to return to previous view

Week Cal for iPhone

Layout & Customization: Customization is a big part of the Week Calendar experience.  This is often an area that Apple comes up a little short on with the iPhone, so I was really happy to see all the options I had to choose from.  Within the layout menu you can adjust the font size, alter the calendar colors from a choice of 18 additional choices, toggle off and on the option to show the time within the events and highlight the current day—another useful add-on missing before the release of version 1.5.  Furthermore you can tweak how many lines are taken up by the “all day” column located on the top of the screen.

Week Cal for iPhone

Behavior & Default Values: Here you have the option to examine one day at a time, or leave it in the default option of scrolling one week with each swipe of a finger.  Additional behavior support includes the ability to hold on a previous recorded event to move it, an option to enable device rotation, and the discretion to tap the screen to hide the top and bottom info bars.  Default values that can be adjusted include the duration of new events, an alarm of choice, a custom color, and finally, a default calendar to add all newly created events to.

Week Cal for iPhone

Conclusion: In closing I want to reiterate that this is one of, if not the best, calendar applications I have ever used.  The word intuitive has been used many times to describe how easy and user friendly the interface is to interact with.  It works the way you would expect it to work.  I am also very encouraged by how receptive the team at Wasabi Apps has been to customer feedback.  They have taken a great idea, and morphed it into a great app by listening to the comments of their customers. At $1.99 it is well worth the price–in fact, it might even be a little low, especially since there have been 5 major updates in less than 2 months.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

One other note—Week Calendar is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, but it requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Wasabi Apps provided a promo code to Just Another iPhone Blog for the review of Week Calendar. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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  • asdub

    an amazing app! the missing link in the evolution of the native ical. The latest version is just super. A MUST have!

  • KP

    An absolutely cracking calendar app. Ten years ago I paid more than Euro 200 for a Palm device that couldn’t do a fraction of what this achieves for the price of a pencil. Highly recommended. Buy this and encourage talented developers to go even further.

  • iphonelover

    Terrific app. The week view is far from it’s main feature. It even has hyperlinks from your event location directly to your map app. The original calendar app with the iphone is pitiful by comparison.

  • Renkman

    My one gripe I have, though, is not being able to support my multiple gmail calendars.

  • howcool

    Have just installed this week’s update to the Week Calendar… and it looked like quite an impressive list of additional functions… BUT no matter what I enter into the calendar, IT WILL SAVE NOTHING AT ALL! The update un-did all the previous functionality of the app!

    Until this gets fixed, my only options are to enter appointments into iCal on my laptop, or into iPhone’s native calendar app.

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