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Stalled Out Application Submissions Finally Being Approved After Apple Publicly Released App Store Guidelines

Just a week after Apple publicly released the App Store review guidelines, The Los Angeles Times is reporting that some developers are seeing their applications that have been hung in the review process, now being approved.

Bryan Bartow, a software developer in Austin, Texas, invented an iPhone application he called MePing and submitted to Apple Inc. in March.

Six months later, it was still in limbo, neither approved nor rejected.

“It just waited in review forever,” Bartow said. “I just assumed it wasn’t going to be approved, and moved on.”

Then, last week, Bartow got a surprise e-mail from Apple. MePing had been approved.

“It magically came through,” he said.

Several other developers in the report claim that their applications built with Adobe’s Flash and compile for iOS are now being approved.

To me, this is a very interesting situation. I still can’t tell if Apple’s release of these guidelines has helped developers better understand what to avoid, or if the App Store reviewers are all now on the same page, and know what to look for. I say both.

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