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Want to Know Which Apps Work with Dropbox – There’s a Directory for That


Dropbox is a simply awesome online file sync and backup service.  I’ve been a user and huge fan of it for a long while now. It offers up to 2GB of free data storage, and very reasonable rates for a pro account with 50GB of storage (which I’ve signed up for and happily renewed). It also offers a good universal app for the iPhone, Touch, and iPad.

So for me, any app that works with Dropbox has automatically got a leg up on a rival, and knowing which apps support Dropbox is something I want to know when weighing up similar apps in a productivity category. And now there’s a handy resource to get that info quickly. Dropbox have got an App Directory listing ‘apps that work great with Dropbox’. Great stuff – check it out here:


Spotted this via: TUAW

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