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Apple TV firmware jailbroken before it gets to stores

Yesterday was an eventful day for one of Apple’s newest products, and after my rant on the new Apple TV last week, I was encouraged to see it. There were numerous reports all over the web this weekend and yesterday of shipping notices and charged credit cards, so it looks like the Apple TV will be reaching customers and reviewers hands as early as today.

Yesterday also brought confirmation that the Apple TV is definitely running iOS, as developer chpwn tweeted that the Apple TV’s iOS firmware had been posted on Apple’s website with a direct link to it included. Then, later on in the day, the Dev-Team’s latest blog post on the SHAtter exploit was updated with information on Apple TV. It seems that they were able to use their latest concoction to jailbreak the firmware before the Apple TV gets into customer’s hands.

I guess this is par for the course, as the Dev-Team is often ready to go with exploits based on beta versions of iOS revisions before they are officially released. Although, I doubt we will see the Dev-Team crew release anything until they have time to test the SHAtter exploit with actual Apple TV hardware.

Even though we will have to wait a bit longer for a released jailbreak and also for confirmation of how much memory the Apple TV will have for devs to play with, this news brings us another step closer to running apps on Steve Job’s latest hobby. This news gets my hopes back up a little, and I am looking forward to seeing hands on reports of the Apple TV over the next few days as new users take them for a spin. If any of you out there get your hands on one, I would love to hear what you think about your new toy.

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