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2Do Lite pulled from App Store for being 2Good

The Lite version of the excellent 2Do task management app has been pulled from the App Store because it was so good that it was cannibalizing sales of the real 2Do ($6.99). I have a feeling people might be a little ticked off about this move, but developer Guided Ways does seem to have presented their motives pretty well on their forums (via @GuidedWays).

The Lite version couldn’t sync, had no alarms, and had a limit of 75 tasks, but that, apparently, was good enough so that a bajillion (not an actual statistic!) people decided to stick to the lite version instead of buying the real deal.

I’m still undecided as to how I feel about this. As someone who has already bought 2Do this doesn’t actually affect me, but I also do wonder if they couldn’t have simply scaled the Lite version down. But, then again, that would be kicking the asses of all the users who were already enjoying the ultra powered light version of 2Do. A tough spot, to be sure.

Anybody have any enlightened thoughts to share? (Pro tip: typing “BOOOOOO” in all caps doesn’t count)

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  • Rxmxsh


    • we'll let this one go because you've had some other kickass comments 😉

      • Rxmxsh

        lmao. Thanks. 🙂

  • Rxmxsh

    Seriously, I have the paid version, so I don't care. But it seems like it was a stupid move on the dev.

  • Thanks for your sharing!

  • Dominik

    I know this post is already 2 years old, but I guess I’ll still give my opinion about it.

    As of right now I’m looking for apps that can do Calendar and ToDo stuff. Along the way I also found 2Do, but with $9,99 it is very expensive. Having a Lite Edition would have helped me decide, especially since I still use the old iPhone 3G which is really slow now. Not knowing if this app will actually work on my phone is something that keeps me from buying it – for now!