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Shocker – New Windows Phone Ad Is Pretty Good

I’ve done my fair share of laughing at Microsoft’s adverts for their mobile devices in the past – they’ve always struck me as beyond lame. Today I just spotted  an ad for the (just officially announced) Windows Phone – and I’m a little amazed to say it’s pretty good. It’s called ‘Really?’ and I think it’s quite clever and funny.

It still doesn’t tell us or show us anything at all about what the new line of phones can do, but at least it doesn’t look like you need 3D glasses and a lot of illegal substances to enjoy it (cough, Zune ads, cough).

What do you all think? Will this ad have you trashing your iPhones and rushing out to get a Windows Phone next month or whenever they finally launch?

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  • Willber Willberforce

    Could not get any worse than the Windows 7 ad. Good job.

  • Obi

    Speech + zune? I need to see and feel and app first. Need to know how unwindows it is.

  • Rxmxsh

    Not bad at all.