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Expenditure 1.1 for iPhone: adds Retina Display support, Fast App Switching, import/export functionality

I keep two Finance-related apps on my iPhone at all times. This is not because I have two wallets and enjoy tracking what each one purchases, but because MoneyBook ($2.99, review) and Expenditure ($1.99, review) are both so gorgeous I don’t want to give either of them up.

The newest Expenditure finally has the iOS 4 compatibility (HD graphics + fast app switching) it needs to remain competitive, but it has also my financial information a lot more accessible. One of my biggest pet peeves with v1.0 was the lack of detailed information in the main list view. I tend to name and tag all of my expenses for easy tracking and reviewing, and Expenditure shows both those details right in the Recent Transactions view now. The app can also export all of your transactions and attach them as a .csv an e-mail (and you’ll also get a second .exptr file that functions as an importable backup, just in case).

It looks like it’s time to move Expenditure back to my main home screen…

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