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Zune Software Coming to Mac, and is Only Sync Method for New Windows Phone 7?


In an effort not to discourage Mac users from adopting one of its new Windows Phone 7 handsets, Microsoft will reportedly deploy later this a year the first version of its Zune media software targeted at Apple users. … Similar to the relationship between Apple’s iTunes and the iPhone, Microsoft’s Zune software will be the only method Windows Phone 7 users have to sync media, photos, music, and videos to and from their PC.

That’s from a report earlier today at Apple Insider. As one of the 15 or so people who actually bought a Zune, I have to say this doesn’t strike me as the best of strategies for Microsoft.

I wanted to like the Zune, actually did like the hardware for a while, and stuck with it for over a year – but one of the biggest letdowns with it was always the Zune software. If you think iTunes is a lag-prone resource hog at times, well you’re right – but Zune is far, far worse, at least last time I ever used it.

Between the beast that is Zune software and the legendarily craptastic Windows Mobile sync engine, ActiveSync (or Active Stink as many users knew it), there are some powerful bad omens surrounding Windows Phone and sync.

I’d have to say that excerpt at the top of the post has a pretty comical ring to me – in that section about not discouraging Mac users from adopting a new Windows Phone 7 handset. Seriously, Zune software on a Mac and sync via Zune are going to encourage Mac users???

I’m guessing one or two of you lovely readers are Mac users. Would Zune software be a powerful hook for you if / when considering a new Windows Phone device?

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