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Indie Trainyard iPhone game hits the Top 3 in the US App Store

Trainyard -- so popular its icon won't load

This post is essentially a big shout out to @MattRix and his very interesting Trainyard puzzle app, which is currently at #2 in the US (and #3 in Canada) in the Top 25 Paid apps on the App Store. On the Canadian App Store it’s right up there with Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, which are pretty titanic games in their own right.

I never finished Trainyard, but I did enjoy playing it earlier this year. It’s very stylish, beautiful, and very easy to pick up and play. Matt Rix was also thoughtful enough to dedicate a portion of his Trainyard.ca website to puzzle solutions, so players should never be stuck for too long.

The game is also currently on sale for $0.99, so now would be the time to pick it up if you’re curious about why it rose through the ranks.

[news via @OneManLeft]

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