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Feature Wish List Item for SoundHound and Shazam – Default Email Address


SoundHound and Shazam are those super-clever apps that offer near-instant song identification on the iPhone. Tap, let the app analyze for a little bit, and it nearly always spits out the song title and artist details for you.  Very cool apps – even ‘wow factor’ type apps to show friends who don’t have a smartphone or just haven’t seen these yet.

Here’s one thing that I think would make both of them even better: a default email account setting and an option to set it to always automatically send an email to that address every time a song is tagged (identified). I would always have mine set to On and have it send to myself via my Gmail account. I find that about 90% of the time I tag a song it’s because I like it and may well be interested in buying it. Only around 10% of the time is my reason more along the lines of trivia or nostalgia, oh I know that song it’s on the tip of my tongue sort of thing.

And most of the time that I ask an app to tag a song it’s when I’m out and about and hear a song on the radio or similar – so it’s hard enough to (safely) open the app and ask it to tag – there’s usually no way I have enough time to tap a Share button and key in my email address. So I don’t share the song at that point and then I very rarely remember to look back at the app when I get home. Having a default automatic mail would be a perfect solution for me.

What do you all think? Would this be a handy feature for you?

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