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PlainText 1.1 for iPhone and iPad: adds new sorting options, background syncing on iOS 4

PlainText, the free ad-supported Dropbox text editor, just received a quick update to 1.1. My favourite additions are as follows:

  • New sorting options – you can now sort files by date created, date modified, or file name (it used to be just file name – which was very difficult with over 500 notes).
  • Background syncing – I believe Evernote has this too, but it’s unbelievably comforting to know that you never need to worry about syncing your files before closing the app. I love this feature and I wish very much that Simplenote would take it on.

I’ve also heard from developer @jessegrosjean on Twitter that full text search is coming to PlainText in a future version. When that arrives PlainText should positively skyrocket in terms of usefulness.

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