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Friendly For Facebook Updated to v3.0 – Adds Multiple Account Support.


Facebook, the world’s largest Social networking site, still hasn’t debuted an iPad version of their hugely popular Facebook for iPhone app.

This lack of an official app for the iPad has left the door open for third party developers to fill the gap. The guys at Oecoway did just that, with their Friendly for Facebook app, which is fully optimized for touch, and makes good use of the iPad’s screen real estate.

Weighed down by a hefty $4.99 price tag and accompanied by what looked like a cheap knock off of the Facebook mobile site, Friendly wasn’t doing well in the popularity stakes when it launched.

Fast forward to version 3 with the price tag significantly reduced to a mere $0.99 (What it should’ve been from the start) It’s looking more promising.

Here are some of the new additions in this version;

– Multiple Account Support
– Photo Upload
– Birthday Reminders
– Enhanced Browser
– Faster Startup Time
– Faster Photo Loading
– Bug Fixes

Friendly-facebookBrowser SettingsFriendly-facebookBrowser1

Many Facebook users are happy accessing the site through the Safari web browser on the iPad, but without the ability to use Facebook Chat, the experience is a little too restricting in terms of interacting with friends. This is one area where Friendly for Facebook excels over its ‘web browser’ counterpart.

Despite previously feeling like a cheap knock-off of the mobile version wrapped inside an ‘App’, Friendly 3.0 is now exponentially better.

You can find Friendly for Facebook in the app store, now priced at $0.99.

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