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Gmail web app for iPhone: now a little more “native”

from the Google Mobile blog

I moved away from the Gmail web app interface a few months ago, but even I can recognize the significance of the two major changes described in the Google Mobile (and Gmail) blog.

If you load up Gmail within Safari on your iPhone you should find the scrolling a lot more responsive in the inbox and conversation. But what has really caught my eye is the new fixed toolbar design. I really liked Gmail’s floating toolbar back when it first came out, but it would sometimes get stuck halfway down a page or get lost right up at the top, so it’s nice to have it anchored to the page for easy access.

[Incidentally, for the jailbreakers amongst us, might I recommend Fullscreen for Safari to free up just a little more space? It’s $1.99 on Cydia and it allows you to see Gmail on the iPhone in full screen glory, among other things. Smexy.]

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