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The Friendly Face of Cydia


Saurik (Jay Freeman) is one of the leading figures in the iOS jailbreak arena. He is the creator of the Cydia jailbreak app store, a Dev Team member, and a huge contributor to the jailbreak community.

Last night I got a chance to meet him and chat with him briefly at the welcome reception for the 360iDev Austin conference for iOS developers.

Jay’s a very friendly guy – and you have to love his ‘Reloading Data’ t-shirt.

We’ve written in the past about the frustration of slow-loading Cydia app pages, mostly due to terribly slow advert loading. I was very glad to hear Jay say that work is underway for improving this. I got the impression this is not by any means the top priority for Cydia just now, and there’s no timeframe as yet for when improvements may be implemented, but it is very good to know the issue is being looked at and worked on.

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  • PJ – WTF were you doing at 360iDev?

  • patrickj

    Ha – yeah I was mate. Schmoozing and boozing and such. 🙂