Öffnungszeiten for iPhone makes it easier to shop in Austria

I made a nice little discovery today when I downloaded Öffnungszeiten Österreich for iPhone. You see, I live in the Old World, in Austria to be exact, a country that is progressive in many ways. Yet somehow, a more conservative attitude to opening times still has the upper hand. Supermarkets are NOT open 24/7, banks close at the strangest of times and especially in my case, living in a town 50 km outside of Vienna, the main street’s shops still close every Thursday afternoon. Not kidding. And this is not going to change anytime soon.

The What

Öffnungszeiten Österreich (translated: Opening Times Austria) promises to be a very useful little app. It shows the opening and closing times of shops, banks, post offices, drug stores, bakeries, select restaurants and electronic outlets across Austria, using your location to hone in on where you are and what you need, effectively bypassing the merchant sites that are often not mobile ready, or simply damn hard to navigate.

The Why

I’VE BEEN THERE. I left the office speeding towards shop X hoping it would be still be open when I got there. Sometimes I was lucky. Sometimes not. These places also tend to change their times. By the time I get used to the post office closing at 18h, they decide to close earlier. For a time they were open on Saturdays, then this also changed.  This app could make life easier.

The How

It’s quite straightforward to use: fire it up, authorize location and tap on an icon like “supermarkets”, “electronics” or “coffee”. The icon hops in joyful anticipation then shows your location with a list of choices nearby. Tap on an item on the list and you’ll find opening and closing times by day, address and telephone number. Tap to call. Great! It even promises to update the listed info frequently.


Icons and instructions are in English but the app is for Austria, where German is spoken. Strange. Kudos for the German app name though. Also, it would be nice to know that the developer has set up a welcoming infrastructure for support. I mean I’m paying money for this. I do expect something more than just a hobby devotion to the app. At the time of writing, it’s only possible to contact him/her by email.

To be hopefully addressed in an upcoming update:

  • I would LOVE a bit of customization – e.g. fave locations
  • We need MORE STORES
  • The app has crashed on me a few times. :-( Let’s hope this was just my hyperactive iPhone.

For now, Öffnungszeiten Österreich will fill a nice niche. It is available on the iTunes App Store for $ 1.99/€ 1,59.

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