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Twittelator for iPad updated to v1.5, ready for iOS 4.2

Twittelator pro for ipad

Just moments after Patrick expressed his surprise earlier at not seeing many app updates touting  4.2 compatibility, Twittelator for iPad received an update to v1.5.

I’m actually not surprised to see this app being the first to be readied for iOS 4.2 on my list of apps. Having beta tested for the dev way back when its iPhone counterpart was in its 2.x version (just before iOS 3.0), I must say that the Dev behind this app is always hard at work.  As such, Twittelator is almost always ready for an OS release or any major changes coming from Twitter’s end that might affect the app’s stability and performance (e.g. Twitpocalypse).

What’s New in Version 1.5

– Multitasking support and fast switching on 4.2
– Printing of tweet or tweets
– Much faster loading on iOS 4.2

Have any of your apps received an update ready for iOS 4.2?

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