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Update: Sleep Cycle for iPhone adds features – including possible unreliability

I’m a huge fan of Sleep Cycle (review here) — so much so that I quit using my home alarm clock, and rely solely on my iPhone and Sleep Cycle to wake me up. When the promised and long awaited “snooze” feature appeared in the update yesterday (I will presume the developers were trying to keep up with all the iOS updates), I was overjoyed. Unfortunately, I am also extremely concerned.

Of course I wanted to try out the new snooze feature this morning: last night I set it to go off at  7:10 AM this morning (a new display feature showed the window of time when the alarm may begin to ring – in the range of 6:40-7:10). Yet this morning there was no alarm. Why? I don’t know, but there my hunch is that the alerts I received through the night (thanks Facebook, and Words With Friends) may have interfered. These alerts never interfered with the previous version of Sleep Cycle however – actually I got a stream of them after I awakened – and I don’t know if it really is the issue. I checked the statistic screen (below) and it shows that I shut the alarm off at 4:48AM. Umm…. no way! Not this morning!

I will try it for a few more days with a backup plan and let you know if it was a speed bump on my part, or a true issue on which I will contact the developer. I am just glad it didn’t happen tomorrow when I HAVE to get up and drive an hour to a school!

If you experience any issues, let us know!

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  • xKot

    I have had the same issue about 6 nights now. It's getting ridiculous! I want the old app back.