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iTunes News that would have REALLY rocked my day

The Beatles on iTunes. Is today a day you won’t forget? Personally I haven’t listened to the Beatles in years, but I’m happy for those who are excited about this.

Here are 3 things that would’ve excited me to see in iTunes…

iTunes mobile, in the cloud, whatever, just give it to me

Rumours, trends and acquisitions have in recent years made Apple watchers optimistic about some kind of Apple perfected version of Last.fm, Spotify or Pandora – personalized, always ready, accessible from everywhere.

Apple has proven that they can get things right (the iPad is just one example IMHO). They eventually figure out how to do something in an intuitive and sexy way. I’ve been waiting on an iteration of iTunes mobile ever since the first iPods came out. My 20 GB library of songs, books, movies in one place; not spread out over several devices. I want the freedom to sort, name, create, add, delete on the bloody go. We may be closer to its fulfillment than ever, so I hope it won’t be one of Apple’s misses when it DOES launch.

iTunes Store International

Why you ask? Why the hell not I say. I want to be able to buy content from artists from other countries who are not on the Austrian music store. Citing licensing restrictions, national laws, different tax systems, you name the hurdle you got it, this has not be offered so far. I’m convinced that a unified Music Store can be realized, hopefully in my lifetime :-). Some say we may be inching closer. We may see a Pan-European iTunes store soon. Let’s hope so.

Fix the things that don’t work

There are not many things that irk me but they’re enough to irk badly. Artist updates is one of the things that has not worked for me reliably at all. I get all kinds of spam email but never ones telling me that one of my artists has new content. Also, I don’t care for the monochromatic sidebar or vertical buttons (no I don’t want to hack my way around it) – give us at least the option of skins, black and white, pastel, whatever.

What’s your take? Did Apple make your day with today’s announcement?

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