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TeuxDeux 1.03 for iPhone: improved scrolling, status bar hide, and bug fixes

The excellent TeuxDeux task manager ($2.99, review here) was updated late last night. The changes are pretty minor, but I do appreciate the new options for full-screen mode and the new “gray area” that shows how to cancel a task edit.

I really, really like TeuxDeux, but I switched back to Things a few weeks ago because syncing in the app can take quite a while, even on 3G and wi-fi. However, I have taken some solace in this most recent tweet from the developers (hinting at improved syncing), as well as a “only auto sync on wi-fi” option that I hadn’t even noticed before. TeuxDeux still isn’t Fast App Switching enabled, but at least I’ll be able to type tasks in peace while I’m out and about and manually sync with the cloud once I’m done.

So back to TeuxDeux I go (please don’t look at me like that).

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  • Rik

    I did the update, but it doesn't work any more for the iPhone 3GS. The app just finishes on entering.

    • Try re-installing the app? It definitely works on my 3GS on 4.1.