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Jailbreak App Enables AirPlay in All Apps

Following on from Erica’s Sadun’s discovery of a way to enable AirPlay Video streaming in third-party apps, a developer named Zone-MR created a hack which enables this feature in all applications including Apple’s Safari.

The Cydia app is called AirVideoEnabler and it enables AirPlay video streaming from 3rd party apps. This is big news because AirPlay video currently only works from a very small number of built-in apps, such as YouTube – which is a little disappointing for this headline new feature. I’m not sure whether developers are able to, or allowed by Apple to, update their apps with video support in future. If not, then this should prove to be one heck of a popular jailbreak app.

Here’s the Cydia source you need to add in order to get AirVideoEnabler:


News via: 9to5Mac

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