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Introducing the OS X widget that is saving my bacon: Minutes

In a country called Canada, in the city of Toronto, there lives a young man named Thomas, who has far too much bloody homework to do. That’d be me.

One of the tools I’ve been using to help me concentrate over the past few days has been Minutes — an OS X dashboard widget that I had downloaded a long time ago, but had simply forgotten about. Minutes functions a lot like a digital egg timer, and it even shows exactly what time (in mliitary time) it’s set to ring. There are four visual themes and six alarm tones to choose from, and you dismiss alarms by simply tapping on the resulting pop-up.

However, I do have a few warnings for newcomers to Minutes. First of all, be careful with your Spaces. If you switch Spaces on Mac OS X often and forget which space your Minutes alarm started to ring in, it can be a pain in the app to find it again and stop it.

The second warning: be wary of the kind of alarm you set. I accidentally turned on the repeat and the “play music from iTunes” setting last night and was seriously creeped out when iTunes insisted on playing music every minute. I even killed iTunes at one point, only to have Minutes eerily bring it back to life right before my eyes and play more music.

So do be careful about what kind of alarm you set in Minutes…otherwise, go download it from Apple.com. It’s free and ridiculously useful.

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  • mike

    i had the same problem. anyone know of an alternate download? looks really cool…

  • P.S. Canada is real. You should go to there.

    • ssschmidt

      I've actually been to Quebec. Montreal City. Was a very nice city!

  • ssschmidt

    That worked. Thanks Jay.