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Review: V-MODA Remix Remote stereo headset

The Remix Remote ($99.99) is an appropriate name for this new model from V-MODA, since it really is remix of the company’s standard earphone design in most every respect — well, except for the sound, which is the same room-filling sonic blast packaged into a pair of earbuds that I’ve come to expect from V-MODA.


The Remix is still a very stylish headset, but this time around V-MODA has opted for just a little less bling. My previous pair of earphones, the Vibe II’s, were very compact, but very heavy due to their ultra-glossy all-metal construction.

The Remix, in comparison, is very light, and I was actually surprised to read on the V-MODA website that they still used metal for the construction of the Y-splitter and earbuds. I’m not sure this adds anything to the sound, but it does lend the Remix an air of quality, and maybe even some extra durability.


Speaking of durability: the wire on the Remix is noticeably thicker than the one on my Vibe II — especially at the 3.5mm jack — and that’s because it uses a rubber or silicone coating for its wire (though there is still kevlar reinforcement underneath). The cabling on the Remix still looks tougher than on most other earphones, but I have to admit that I really miss the pure-fabric wiring featured on the Vibe Duo and Vibe II. Not only do I find these rubbery cables more prone to tangling, but they’re also a heck of a lot less compact when it comes to storage.

I’m also not entirely sure why, but the wire on the Remix is just a little bit (by one or two inches) longer than most other earphones, which ends up leaving just a little bit too much slack if you tend to keep your iPhone or iPod in your front pocket.


The Remix may feature a more muted sense of style, but the earbuds themselves are actually quite large (they can look like turbines in your ear — which is cool, if you’re partial to turbines). I think that this change may have had something to do with sound quality (allowing a bit more room for the drivers, perhaps?), but I haven’t found the fit of the Remix totally satisfactory.

There are four sizes of silicone earbuds (XS, S M, L) come in two varieties (a frosted silver and plain black), and while the Small buds work quite well for me, I still feel that the earbuds themselves are just a bit too large. I’ve even tried using the included sport hooks, but they don’t make enough of a difference in fit to warrant the irritating installation (threading the wire into the hooks is annoying, since you have to know precisely how much slack to leave at the end).

It can also be a little difficult to tell which earbud to put into which ear, since the letters that indicate Right and Left are written in white on a background of chrome. D’oh.

However, once you do get the Remix on properly, it sounds fantastic. I’ve thrown all sorts of reggae (UB40), alternative rock (Metric), and pure instrumental (Yoshida Brothers) tracks at the Remix and it has handled everything beautifully. V-MODA has a reputation of being pretty bass heavy (which is no surprise, since its CEO is an actual DJ), but I actually think the sound on the mids and lows is very clear, and I love how these earphones let me hear all sorts of nuances in my music if I take the time to really listen.


If there’s one area where the Remix’s re-design really shines, it’s the microphone and music control section that’s built right into the Y-splitter.

First of all, it’s ridiculously convenient to have volume buttons alongside the Play button, and the way that V-MODA raised the volume buttons ever so slightly makes it much easier to navigate the playback controls by touch alone.

Then there’s the matter of the microphone. Overall, the voice quality on the Remix is about the same as on the Vibe II, which is to say that it’s just alright. However, the major improvement here is in the way the microphone seems to simply ignore the sound of breathing or heavy wind, making the headset much more usable for everyday use (especially outdoors). I also find the Y-splitter a much better location for the microphone in general, since it means I can wear my earphones with the wire looped over the top of my ear without losing mic functionality (the Vibe II has the mic on the right earphone wire, rendering it nearly useless to me).


So has the Remix changed enough to warrant a switch from a set of ~$100 headphones? In my case, yes.

These earphones may not feature the same (almost) blinding metal styling as other V-MODA models or the compact kevlar cabling, but it has kept the amazing V-MODA sound quality that I’ve come to love, and improved greatly on the mic and remote, and that seems like a pretty fair trade-off, or at least, an interesting enough remix of one of my favourite earphone brands.

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    Have you guys reviewed the ZAGG headphones? I think they're unbeatablein design, quality and sound !