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iPhone Love Story Is Also an AT&T Hate Story


MG Siegler, one of TechCrunch’s best and most popular writers, has got a fun love story post up about his recent trip to Paris and the pleasure of using his iPhone there. It’s an uplifting tale for iPhone users, but also a huge knock on AT&T:

I just got back from Paris today after about 10 days there. Two quick tech-related observations:

1) Everyone has an iPhone.

2) Their network is at least a hundred thousand times better than AT&T’s in San Francisco. This really takes the wind of the sails of the arguments that the iPhone itself (its hardware) is to blame for for AT&T’s shitty network.

Here’s another great line on just how stark the difference is:

I’m not even sure it’s a joke to say that the iPhone works better underground in Paris than it does above ground in San Francisco. I really think it might be true!

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