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Next Generation iPad To Ship in February 2011? To Have Front and Rear Facing Cameras?


Digitimes is reporting that Foxconn’s factories, Apple main production partner, have been told they will be shipping the next-generation iPad within the next 100 days. The first wave of shipments are expected to be anywhere from 400,000-600,000 units.
Here’s and excerpt:

The sources pointed out that the iPad 2 will ship as soon as the end of February in 2011. Apple originally planned to start mass production in January, but because the device’s firmware is currently still in testing, Apple has been postponing the schedule. Since Foxconn’s new plants in Chengdu are still in pilot production, iPad 2 will be mainly supplied by its Shenzhen plants, while the company’s upstream component partners have all been notified of the shipments schedule.

The next 100 days would land the new iPad’s shipping timeframe somewhere in February.

Also worth noting at this time, is that Reuters is reporting that the same next-generation iPad will be equipped with both a FaceTime, and a rear-facing camera.
The pertinent excerpt:

Component suppliers for Apple Inc’s iPad are gearing up for a new round of production in the first quarter, sources said on Friday, with one saying the product will be a revamp of the popular tablet computer including front- and back-mounted cameras.

It should be enough that a mainstream media outlet like Reuters has reported that cameras are coming to the iPad. However, there’s more.
MacRumors is reporting on a myriad of images that have sprung up recently, all claiming to be either protective cases, or actual encasing components for the next-generation iPad. All of these images show a hole for a rear-facing camera.


So, the next generation iPad may be launching as soon as February (I would guess no. If I had to guess they’ll wait until June and release it alongside the next iPhone.), and it may have a FaceTime camera along with a rear-facing camera.

The FaceTime camera portion of this rumor is bankable. All iOS devices, and all of Apple’s computers (except for Mac Pro of course) ship with FaceTime cameras built-in. Why not add one to the iPad? I’m still torn about the rear-facing camera. Apple would look cheap if they didn’t include it, but do users really want to hold up an iPad to take a picture. Think about it, you’d be holding up something nearly the size of a sheet of paper to take a picture. It would be awkward.

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  • Joe

    If it has a retina screen, I'm on board! Any rumors on that one?

  • isn't that April not February? anyway who needs camera in iPad… get a real camera guys 😉

    • Renkman

      You're right, my bad. Announced at end of January, released in April.

  • I read the rumor that new iPad is going to be 7 inches wide, can anyone confirm this?

    • Renkman

      Rumors, sure–but why?

  • Matzusi Roki

    Yes I like the Ipad 2, can enclude for excelmac and word

  • Tina

    I trust Apple addressed the current inability to function Adobe interactive PDF files.

  • Arjie

    The rear camera is for conference purposes!
    Great Idea!

  • Ralph

    Rear camera for conference? How is that supposed to work?!
    I could see a front facing camera for Face Time (and Skype) use but who needs a rear facing camera on iPad?!

  • Benjamin

    Rear facing camera on iPad is a great idea. Especially when using Skype!!!! As well as if you want to speak to someone and shw them your face and what you are looking at. The same idea on the iPhone would (is) great.

  • Joel

    facetime camera… YES. rear facing camera… ?!? is this iPad going to have a USB port?

  • Robin

    How about a USB port?

  • Jack

    iPad would still be useless without stylus. Still have that old and boring iphone interface? Common apple, you change the hardware every year, change the boring interface design.

  • Flip

    A Front cam, the least, would be really a must for FaceTime communication — it would completely replace my MacBook on a daily basis.

  • MC

    Yea the forward facing camera is ideal so that this can be a communication device but a rear face cam…not so much. I guess you can in a pinch use this as a camera. Hopefully there will be software to run video recording.