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Sam’s Club to Sell iPhone 4 at $147?


Engadget has released a leaked memo from Sam’s Club (kinda like a Costco, except it’s parent company is Wal-Mart) that states they will be selling the iPhone 4 for $147, which is a considerable discount from the usual $199 base price.
Here’s an excerpt from Engadget:

We’ve been tipped off to Sam’s Club now offering the AT&T-locked device for a $147 fee, subject to the usual two-year agreement. This offer will run all the way until Christmas day, so if you have to have the cheapest possible fourth-gen iPhone, this’ll probably be it.

A two year service agreement is still required, and you must be a member of Sam’s Club, which requires an annual membership fee to get in. So, it’s a good deal for those who are already members, not so much for everyone else.

Image courtesy of Engadget.

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  • I would like to buy one I phone with this price but I am here in austria how can I reach you?