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Quick Look: Camera+ 2 for iPhone

I really, really liked tap tap tap’s Camera+ (currently $0.99) when it was released earlier this year. I liked the simultaneously slick and playful interface and the truly imaginative control scheme (separate focus and exposure controls on an iPhone app?! Awesome!).

However, as the months passed and the number of multitasking apps I kept loaded on my iPhone 3GS increased, Camera+ felt like far too taxing an app to keep loaded. It took four or five seconds to load up and then another second or two to move from the “fake DSLR” screen to the actual camera.

Thankfully, version 2.0, which was released about a week ago, feels a lot snappier. I snapped and edited about 10 different shots the other day *while* streaming music over AirPlay to my speakers without ever skipping a beat.

I’m also loving the idea of the Lightbox and the extra flexibility the devs added in 2.0. Camera+ 1.0 introduced the idea of the Lightbox as a storage space for pictures before you edited or saved them. Unfortunately, changes made in version 1.x were permanent and saving a picture completely removed it from the Lightbox, so toying around with your images often required *first* copying your images, saving the originals to the camera roll, and then editing the rest (and saving them after). Camera+ 2 has simplified all of this by allowing you to save and keep pictures and simply undo edits to unsaved pictures. Very, very nice.

In fact, the whole editing experience is now much better. There are more cropping options and every filter you apply has a slider so that you can, for example, specify exactly how emo your picture should be when you use the So Emo filter.

In short, Camera+ has made me fall in love with the power of the camera on the 3GS all over again (so it should be even more awesome on the iPhone 4). If you own the app already, it’s well worth a download to see the various changes and improvements in  V2.0. If you’re not, then this current $0.99 sale is a very easy way to jump on board the Camera+ bandwagon.

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