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SoundHound Free now offers unlimited Music IDs

[Mini Disclaimer: I recorded a few videos for SoundHound earlier this year, but this post isn’t sponsored in any way, shape, or form — it’s just my strongly worded opinion.]

SoundHound, my favourite music recognition app on iOS, is available in two different flavours: a $5 premium version and an ad-supported free version. Until recently, the major difference between the two versions has been the number of song IDs available per month (premium was unlimited, while the free version was limited to five free IDs per month).

However, with this latest update, the free version of the app is now just as unlimited as the premium version (yes, I’m well aware of the Animal Farm-ism there). So if you were on the fence about which music ID app to use, I say skip Shazam and go straight for SoundHound (it’s like choosing a free Porsche over a Go Kart).

[thanks to TopiPhoneResource for the heads-up]

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