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Verizon iPhone 4 Can Be Mobile Wi-Fi Connection for Other Devices

A new feature named ‘Personal Hotspot’ will be introduced in the new CMDA iPhone 4, which was announced by Verizon and Apple earlier today. The feature will allow the device to act as a mobile Wi-Fi connection for up to 5 devices. The new iPhone, due to be released on February 10th, will come with a new version of iOS which will have the feature built in to the Settings application.

Although Verizon stated during its announcement that the feature would be available through a dedicated app for the device, Engadget have discovered that it will instead be built-in to iOS 4.2.5 following a hands-on with the device:

Verizon called it an app, but getting hands-on we can see that’s not the case at all — Personal Hotspot is built right into the CDMA iPhone 4’s build of iOS 4.2.5. Perhaps we’ll see it migrate to other devices as well?

The feature lets you create a personal hotspot that will finally allow you to share your 3G data connection with your iPad, laptop, or other Wi-Fi devices without using a wired connection. AT&T have offered a similar feature through tethering for some time, however, tethering is only accessible via Bluetooth or USB and only one device can use your iPhone’s connection at any time.

It’s not yet clear how much Verizon will charge for this privilege on the iPhone 4, but it’s expected the carrier will use the same rate they charge Android users, which is an additional $20 per month.

News and image via: Engadget

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  • iGnome

    For a one off payment of circa $20 you could just pay for pda net on a jailbroken iphone and use it as a wifi hotspot for no extra charge. I wouldn’t feel that this is cheating or bad.
    You have a data allowance, why does it matter how you use it?

    (BTW the archive buttons are getting in the way of typing into this box as rendered
    using firefox on a 15″MBP)

  • I think the iphone for verizon is better then the one for AT&T because verizon have the unlimited data when AT&T only gives you 2G for almost the same price… on still waiting to T-mobile to launch the iPhone… come on share the love apple…

  • ashwin

    in my iphone 4 i dont have Personal Hotspot. so what should i do