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Quick Tip: getting Twitter 2.0.1 for Mac to temporarily behave properly with Spaces

Twitter for Mac received a quick update on the Mac App Store (MAS) yesterday, which added an altered (blue) icon, a couple of crash fixes, and better compatibility with Spaces…and by “better compatibility with Spaces”, I mean that this update broke Twitter’s compatibility with Spaces.

I tried quitting and restarting Twitter, of course, but that didn’t help. Instead of simply staying in Space 5 like I had specified in settings, Twitter opted to simply show up in *every* space, much like Pixelmator is wont to do.

The temporary fix turned out to be a relatively simple, if rather unintuitive, one:

1) if your Twitter has been fluttering its way into every Space, simply quit the app,

2) Go into System Preferences -> Spaces and remove the “Twitter” app from any Space you may have assigned it to

3) Reload the Twitter app

4) Go back into Sys Prefs -> Spaces and assign Twitter to a space again. It should now obey your space rules and stick to the spaces you’ve specified for it.

[Update: Jan 15] The crappy part, as some commenters have pointed out, is that reloading the app (system reboots count, too) will kill all of these settings, so you’ll have to do this dance all over again if you ever stop tweeting. Twitter apparently wants Mac users to keep tweeting and never, ever stop.

[thanks to @viticci for the update screenshot, which I forgot to take]

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  • Olek

    It doesn’t help – Twitter still show up in every space.

  • Olek

    It works other way – add it to a specific space while Tweeter is running and them remove it from spaces (while Tweeter is still running). That’s all, after this procedure Tweeter stopped following me to every space.

  • Thanks! I had to unset and set Twitter in my Spaces preferences while still running myself. But, what you described definitely pointed me towards fixing the problem.

  • I’m sorry, I’m having the same issue and don’t understand the posted solution.
    Can someone please post a walk through of the fix?

    • I tried adding a few more details in a more step-by-step fashion. let me know if you still have any issues.

  • Glenn

    This works temporarily. When you quit and relaunch Twitter it forgets the rules you’ve just set in Sys Prefs.

    • Aaaargh. Noticed this myself just this evening.

      Yeesh. We really need a patch.

  • Thanks for the tip, it worked perfectly. I can live with the solution since I as good as never quit apps at all.

  • Mark

    Thanks for that. Fixed it (temporarily) for me.

  • Zunito

    I just removed from spaces and added it again, I didn’t have to quit the app and it looks to be working

    • Thanks – seems like there are quite a few temporary fixes. I just went for the most nuclear solution I could think of.