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Preview: LockInfo 3.0 for iPhone [Jailbreak]

LockInfo 3.0, the newest major version of my favourite lockscreen jailbreak software, has received a major visual overhaul and a few delicious new features. I’ve only had about a day and a half to play with this beta (which should become a public beta within the next week or two), but I wanted to share a few of my first-hand impressions.

First of all, if you’re familiar with previous versions of LockInfo (I reviewed v2.3.7 here), you’ll still feel right at home in 3.0.

The first change you’ll probably notice are the themes. LockInfo has always been pretty good looking, but it’s gotten a fantastic new paint job that really helps you tell the section headers from actual content, and everything looks bolder and sharper than before. There are currently four themes (classic, dark, light, and iOS), but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing even more once LockInfo 3.0 is actually released.

One thing I really like about the new themes are the app and contact icons that are displayed alongside notifications (and in usual LI fashion, you can even choose whether or not to use text wrapping). This extra splash of colour and detail go a long way towards making LockInfo feel like a native part of the iPhone UI, rather than a jailbreak extension.

Another notable addition I’d like to mention are the repeat alerts. There are now options to repeat the alerts across most every kind of notification you can think of (except for Push Notifications), so you now have the option to have calendar or mail alerts repeat  as often as every minute until you acknowledge them. Disabling these alerts may take a bit of getting used to, though, since it requires you to tap on a very small exclamation mark embedded in the relevant alert’s header. It’s a decent mechanic, but I wouldn’t mind a different one that required less pinpoint accuracy.

My favourite addition by far, however, is the new “Favorites” plugin, which is activated by default in my beta. This plugin is populated by thumbnails of all of the contacts in your Phone Favorites list, and — just like all the other LockInfo plugins — can be displayed on your lockscreen, homescreen, or InfoShade. Tapping on one of the cropped contact thumbnails will bring up a dialogue to call or send a text message, and swiping horizontally will allow you to see more of your buddies. I don’t normally care for these little contact pictures, but they’re cropped so nicely in LockInfo 3.0 that it has quickly become my favourite addition to this extension.

There are a couple of features I haven’t really touched upon (the new homescreen position or the ability to lock the top sections) because I simply have no use for them at this time,  but I have included the entire change log from Cydia at the bottom of this post if you’d like to read the fine print.

The only bit I haven’t really understood are the changes to notification support, since I’ve never really had any problems with notifications in LockInfo. I tested two different versions back-to-back and couldn’t find any major differences in the way that LI 2.x and LI 3.0 in the way that notifications are launched. Skype calls launch in both versions, Beejive notifications always launch the chat for the relevant contact, and WhatsApp always only loads the app (instead of taking me right to the contact, like Beejive does), regardless of the LockInfo version.

There’s still no word on the purchase price or upgrade pricing for LockInfo 3.0

I’ve since been informed by Olek in the comments that LI 3.0 will be free for all current LockInfo owners. I also confirmed it myself with this tweet.

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  • Olek

    From the developer on Twitter “I’ve had a lot of support questions about this: LockInfo 3.0 will be a FREE update for all LockInfo licensees.”

    • Thanks, Olek. Updated the last bit.

  • Olek

    You are welcome 🙂

  • Simon Reidy

    Wow. I haven’t been this excited about the release of a Cydia app since.. well.. since LockInfo was first released 🙂

    It remains hands down the best jailbroken app out there, given how it completely transforms the functionality of the phone. Can’t wait to get my hands on 3.0.

  • danielj

    LockInfo is the ONLY reason I put up with mobilesubstrate …. I try to avoid using mobilesubstrate, but LockInfo is too good!

  • Jay

    I have always used LI. This beta version is great! One question…are the repeating alerts supported right now? Cant get mine to work.

    • they should definitely be there. You have to set them individually within each plugin.

  • Darrin Searancke

    Can’t live without Lockinfo … I can’t wait for v3.0 !!!

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