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Are mobile devices now a DVR for reading?

Image Source: inhabitat.com

Techland reports on an interesting trend discovered by the makers of the popular Read It Later app, an app that allows users to save online content for later offline reading.  Appropriately coined as a “DVR for reading” by Techland, the Read It Later people point out how many users are saving the content they encounter throughout their work day until later that evening.

The blog over at Read It Later shows three graphs to prove their point.  The first graph shows the number of articles read per hour on a Read It Later user’s computer.  The line here stays fairly consistent.

The second graph shows the same information, but on an iPhone.  Here, we see a spike after the work day is completed and people are relaxing in their homes.

The third, and perhaps most interesting graph, shows an even sharper spike for iPad users during the same time period.

Granted, these numbers show only users of the Read It Later app, but it does offer an interesting glimpse into how many people are receiving their news nowadays.  It appears that we are seeing a steady trend in people discovering articles while at work, and then saving that content to better digest it later in the evening.

So what do you think?  Do you use any of these types of apps that save web content for later reading?  Or, if not, do you have some other system where you save articles you come across to read at a later time?

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  • Rob

    I never thought about it as a reading DVR, but that’s exactly how I use Instapaper. Before I started using it, I would just email myself the link to anything I’d like to read later… It was a mess. Now I just click “send to Instapaper” and fire up the app in the evening.