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Next iPod Touch to Compete With Nintendo 3DS and Offer 3D Viewing Without the Glasses?

Japanese Mac blog Macotakara has suggested in a report today that Apple’s next iPod Touch device could feature the same glasses-free 3D display that will be introduced later this year in the Nintendo 3DS. Macotakara points at the multiple patents the Cupertino company has recently filed for 3D technologies to back up its theory, but also claims that they have confirmation from a source working with an LCD panel manufacturer.

The unnamed source has revealed that they are working on a small LCD capable of 3D, without the need for specs, destined for the new iPod Touch. It’s rumored that the device’s FaceTime camera, with the help of its gyroscope and motion sensors, will be used to track the user’s head movements and adjust the 3D for optimal viewing based on the users head and position of the device.

Nintendo’s much-anticipated 3DS handheld console is set to be released late next month, and is the first console to offer a 3D viewing experience without the need for companion 3D glasses. Nintendo hopes its impressive 3D feature will give the console an advantage over Apple’s iPod Touch – its number one competitor. However, if the Macotakara rumor is to be believed, Nintendo’s promising 3D advantage may be short-lived.

Do you think 3D viewing for the iPod Touch is something the Apple guys are working hard on at Cupertino, or do you think it’s too soon for the company to adopt 3D technology for its iOS devices? More importantly, would you like your next iPod Touch to be 3D compatible? Let us know in the comments!

[News & video via: CultofMac]

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