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White iPhone 4 Coming February 27th?

Two reports have recently emerged that suggest the notorious white iPhone 4 could soon be on its way. One comes from MacRumors, who have been handed a screenshot (above) claimed to be from the Best Buy store inventory, which lists both the 16 and 32 GB models of the iPhone with an “in-stock” date of February 27th. Both devices carry the same SKU numbers as those that were originally listed when Best Buy were taking pre-orders for the devices prior to last summer’s launch.

The second report comes from Engadget, who have posted a screenshot (below) of the white device listed in Vodafone Germany’s inventory system. While no due date is listed on this system, the source for Engadget claims that we can expect the launch to be “soon.”

We’re unsure at this point whether the two retailers actually have information on the availability of Apple’s white iPhone 4, or whether they are just preparing their system inventories for if/when the time comes.

While the Best Buy “in-stock” date looks promising, MacRumors points out that February 27th falls on a Sunday, which is an unusual day for Apple to release a product. The Cupertino-based company usually opts instead for Thursdays and Fridays with the anticipation of high-volume sales over the launch weekend.

Are you still waiting for the white iPhone 4 to show its face, or did you give up a long time ago and get the black device? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Simon Reidy

    I’ll be amazed if anyone has held off off all this time waiting for a white iPhone. This is only going to appeal to a very select group of individuals who walk into buy an iPhone without much prior knowledge of them.

    Anyone else with half a clue about the tech world would a) have just bought a black one ages ago and been enjoying it all this time or b)wait a bit until Apple announces the inevitable iPhone 5 in June!