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Apple Looking Into Mult-Touch Screen for Magic Mouse, Haptic Feedback for Keyboards?

Two separate reports have surfaced from Patently Apple that reveal two recently-published patent applications that show that Apple has been looking into haptic feedback digital keyboards, and a Magic Mouse with a display on it’s surface.


The first report points to patent called “Method and Apparatus for Localization of Haptic Feedback“, which seems to outline the use of a virtual keyboard that utilizes actuators to provide a tactile feedback when the keys are depressed. Specifically, Apple is looking for ways to isolate the feedback to individual spots or keys, and not the entire keyboard as is currently done. Oh, and these keys, or the surface of the keyboard, would be digital, kind of like the iPad’s onscreen keyboard.


Now, the second report, named “Computer Input Device Including a Display Device” shows what appears to be, in simple terms, a Magic Mouse with a display embedded in the top shell. One of the accompanying diagrams shows display being used as a numeric pad. The images being displayed on the mouse would be transmitted to the device from the computer and stored locally.

To the best of my understanding, both the keyboard and mouse could be used on a per-app basis. Say for instance, the digital keyboard could be altered on the fly when a user fires up an app like Photoshop. Shortcut keys, and the like could be displayed on the software keyboard. The haptic feedback is there to aid in typing accuracy.

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