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Verizon Airs First iPhone 4 Commercial

Just a very quick note. Verizon is now airing a Screen shot 2011-01-20 at 10.16.39 PM.pngthirty second add announcing the arrival of the iPhone 4 on their network.
Here’s the ad.

I’ll eat my hat if Apple didn’t have a hand in the creation of this ad. I find it highly effective in addressing the angst revolving around the delay of the device’s release on Verizon, while also announcing it’s arrival.

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  • sky

    way to join the other 30+ carriers… and it’s funny because anyone with an iphone can’t watch this on this website

  • Jenn

    It’s an okay commercial but it doesn’t make me want the iPhone 4 or to be a part of the Verizon network. I know, that wasnt the message of the commercial but that’s my feelings. I have been with AT&T since the Cellular One days. I’m fine with the company and the service. And iPhone 4 was an insult to Apple iPhone since the very day after it was released. Be smart consumers like me and give it a few days/weeks before dropping serious cash on… Well a bad phone.

  • Great commercial 🙂

  • Jono

    I have an iPhone and you CAN watch this clip

  • as always great video from apple