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QuickCal Desktop for Mac: faster than fiddling with iCal

QuickCal Desktop 1.0 is technically a new event scheduling app for Mac OS X, but it’s actually simply the desktop form of the already-awesome QuickCal widget (and, more recently, QuickCal Mobile for iPhone).

As with the other versions of QuickCal, the whole concept behind the app is to allow you insanely speedy keyboard entry of new iCal events or tasks. QuickCal realizes this quick-n-easy entry with a smart text box that parses the plain text you type in and turns it into the fields you’d otherwise have to manually fill out.

This means that “Meet Patrick Jordan tomorrow at I Love Canada Club 2 PM” will create an iCal event in my default calendar with the following details:

  • Description: Meet Patrick Jordan
  • Date: 1/24/11 (it was the 23rd when I wrote this)
  • Location: I Love Canada Club

If you’re the type who does a fair amount of scheduling on your Mac, I highly recommend you give QuickCal Desktop a shot. It’s free, it stays tucked away in your menubar when it’s not needed, and it’s a heck of a lot faster than fiddling with little text fields in iCal.

[news via @quickcal]

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