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Future iPods Could Boast 220GB of Capacity Thanks to New Toshiba Drive

Toshiba introduced a new 1.8-inch hard drive this week, boasting a whopping 220GB capacity, and capable of holding up to 55,000 songs, 34,000 photos, or 275 hours of video. The announcement of this drive has sparked new rumors suggesting Apple’s next-generation iPod classic could be available in capacity of up to 220GB.

The new MKxx39GSL series of drives from Toshiba will be available in 160GB, 200GB, and 220GB models, all of which will run at 4,200 rpm. Like previous iPod hard drives, the ones in this series are ‘single platter’ drives, which means they are home to just one disk. Many drives use dual disks to maximize their capacity, however, in order for them to fit inside your iPod, they need to be single platter so that they can have the smallest possible form factor.

The MKxx39GSL series offers a higher 16MB memory buffer ensuring your music is less likely to skip while you’re moving about. That’s great news for those who take their iPod classic jogging or for workouts at the gym, who may have experienced this problem with the current classic generation. The drives also feature a new connector and they consume less power, which means they’ll be a little kinder to your device’s battery life.

The wonderful innovations in Apple’s latest iPod touch and nano devices has meant that the iPod classic isn’t as popular as it used to be, however, it still sells to those with substantial music collections, who aren’t fussed about a long list of impressive features. The iPod line is famously updated every September, so we could expect to see iPod classics with up to 220GB of capacity around that time.

News & image via: 9to5 Mac

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