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Instagram introduces hashtags to latest App update

In my review of the photo-sharing app meets community Instagram I voiced my concern that the developers would spoil the app in future updates. I needn’t have worried. The latest version dropped this past Thursday, adding hashtags, smart comment management and the option of blocking/flagging unwanted folllowers. So far, so good.

The introduction of hashtags to Instagram feels like one of those natural evolutionary features that you kinda felt always needed to be there, it was only a matter of time. Those familiar with twitter already use this feature as an effective way to find topics/tweets/links using tags. Over the past few days I’ve been testing it in IG like many others, tagging 50 of my own new and archived photos in various ways; the results are immensely satisfying. Now there’s not only the feed or popular pages to browse through – but also pages with tags according to techniques (eg. #tiltshift) filters (eg. #hefe) place (eg. #vienna #venice) – well, you get the picture. Very intelligent and a welcome enhancement to an already appealing experience.

Check out what the developers have to say about the update on their blog and download the update via iTunes. It’s free!

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